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What Makes ONS The Best Driving College in Edmonton And Our Point of View

If you are ready to learn driving, especially in Edmonton, you must find yourself a driving college that is worth spending money and time on. Despite all the marketing approaches to appeal to the customer, all of the driving colleges offer the same curriculum. Now the question arises, how does one become a qualified driver by hiring the best driving college in Edmonton, and who is the best? Here are some professional tips to help you find the best driving college in your area.

Business License in Edmonton

The first thing to make sure you’re not draining your money is to know if the desired driving college has a business license or not? If it has an instructional license, you’re good to go. Otherwise, forget it. You should also check whether the college offers training for the user's intended type of vehicle. For instance, if they provide motorbike riding training, car driving or commercial vehicles. It should be the one with expert level skills in one category rather than merging them all poorly.

Target Audience for Training

It should also be checked whether the college in question offers special courses for novice drivers and teenagers and can provide coaching services for the freshers as well as to those who have some driving experience. Last in this section is to make sure if the college has facilities for citizens with disabilities. It includes a driver training car with needs special gear and equipment, as well as specialized instructors to assist them.

Driving College Business History

Like in history, not every statement is honest. However, the years in the market are a valuable indicator that the driving college, in particular, can adapt to this turbulent market. It should be noted that we must also adapt to the turbulent market and not fall for false marketing typos. Contact people who have passed out of these acclaimed best driving college in Edmonton, and hear what they say.

Prices Offered by The College

Comparing prices offered gives you the best idea. However, avoid unforeseen expenses by paying attention to every pricing detail. Make sure you know all hidden charges. As prices are usually competitive, you can check if the offerings include a special package or a reduced fee, which can help eventually. ONS Driving School offers a referral lottery of $500 for all. The more referrals you get higher the chances to win it.

Language for Instruction

As Canada is a country for immigrants from all around the world, not everyone might be able to understand native English. The best driving college in Edmonton is the one with multilingual staff to address all ethnic students. It not only helps build trust faster but also helps the user feel confident to communicate and present queries.


Being is the best driving college in Edmonton is an achievement, and it's only possible by gaining a reputation in facilitation, compliance and pricing. And ONS Driving School is working its way to glorify every aspect of our training program for you. Support the business and refer to win $500.

Driving School Package in Edmonton


In Canada it is against the law to drive any sort of vehicle without proper driver’s licenses, the matter is very serious because someone life could be at risk, according to researchers almost 14 per cent of the deadly accidents in Canada are due to drivers without licenses. The penalty is 400 to 600 dollars at first, if you get caught again, there is a high possibility that you will be penalized heavily and might get up to 6-month in jail just for driving without licenses.

To prevent these sorts of charges, visit ONS driving school situated in the area of Edmonton and get fully prepared by our trained and certified male and female instructor for your driving test. Our passing rate is almost 99%, all our customers are satisfied with our courses and packages.

ONS Driving School

At ONS Driving School, our main objective is to train students for them to pass the state-guided driving test, with our fleet of latest cars your driving courses are made easier. We provide one of the best classes in the area of Edmonton, Alberta. With our extensive range of courses and affordable packages, our customers can get started right away at their own convenience. We are registered and certified

Our Services

With our wide range of course at an affordable price, it is now more easy for our customers to get prepared for the state driving test. With our 99% pass ratio, rest assure you are getting trained by the best instruction in the area of Edmonton, following are the courses are offered at ONS driving school.

Our packages start from as low as $260 dollars and go till $945, depending on the level of skills and understanding of your driving skill. Alongside we also offer free pick-up and drop-off service and our instructors can come at your doorstep for teaching our customers.

Awareness Program

At ONS driving school, not only making our clients pass the driving test is our responsibility but making them aware and educated them with all the safety guidelines and how to be a safe driver. These key elements play an important role in driving, and we take pride in spreading awareness about the driving safety guidelines.

Solutions to Texting and Driving for New Drivers


If you are a new driver, there is a 60% chance that you are in your teens, learning to drive for the first time. Most teens and new drivers view driving as a means to their freedom, which is in fact is. But as you enroll in driving lessons, you will realize that there is a number of guidelines set down by your instructor. These guidelines include, “prohibiting” the use of cellphones while driving.

While this adheres strictly to the rules of driving, yet there are ways you can find a balance by training with the best driving instructor in Edmonton. Onsdriving is one of the top driving schools in Edmonton and as such our instructors are highly trained and skilled teachers. They have the relevant knowledge required to help you get your driver’s permit and to do so responsibly.

What makes us the best driving school in Edmonton is the structure of our classes and the aspects covered by our curriculum. Our instructors have numerous years of teaching experience, which has led to their students preparing for the driver's test Edmonton under expert guidance.

At ondrivingschool, we understand that times have changed and while most students try their best to stay away from a cell phone when they drive, most get sucked into the loop of constant texts that keep beeping on their screens. Texting and using cellphones is never a good idea even for the most experienced of drivers, but as our institute is the best driving school Edmonton we understand the situation and have just the solutions you are looking for

1.     Put your phone on silent

As a new driver, you are tuned to pay more attention to your habit; i.e. the cellphone and may not understand the difference a few seconds can make when you are driving on the road. Putting your phone on silent is one of the best ways to avoid any temptation that may arise due to your phone ringing. Since you will be learning with the best driving instructor in Edmonton,you will learn how tofocus on the road completely while preparing for the driving test Edmonton.

2.     Passwords can help

Passwords are another excellent way to remind you that texting is not such a great idea when you are driving. Whilst you can hear your phone ringing and subsequent notifications, you will be mindful of check texts or text back whenyou have to input a complete password. You can start implementing this while you train for your driver'stest inEdmonton to ensure that you do not get distracted from the road. Try and keep a password which uses a few unconventional numbers or symbols to ensure you are unable to immediately unlock your phone, mindlessly.

3.     Keep it away from you

If your handbag is a bottomless pit, then it will do a great job of preventing you from reaching it. If not you can keep your cell phone in the glove compartment or the trunk of the car to ensure that you are not distracted from the road even for a few moments and you can easily check your notifications once you reach your destination.Since ondriving is the best driving school Edmonton, our instructors are trained to be patient with our students even when the sole purpose of a teens life is to text, our instructors focus on instilling a sense of responsibility along with guiding you in the right direction to develop road sense. Road sense can be considered one of the most essential qualities of a good driver as it helps prevent any mishaps even if you do get distracted from the road for a few seconds.

Essential Safe Driving Tips for Teens


As a teenager, nothing compares to the feeling of driving your very first car for the first time. What’s better is acing your driver’s test and landing a license or a driver’s permit on your first try. That being said, a driver also bears a responsibility on his/her shoulders. The first time you leave your home on your own in your car, you become responsible for the decisions you make on the road and how well you follow the rules.

If you are a resident of Alberta or Edmonton, it is crucial that you prepare for the driving test in Edmonton. This preparation phase is extremely critical to your success on the driver’s test as well as your decisions on the road.

In order to train for what laysahead, it is imperative that you enroll in one of the top schools in Edmonton. In light of this if you are searching for the best driving school in Edmonton, look no further. Onsdrivingschool offers best driving lessons in Edmonton. These lessons are in compliance with the regulations and laws governing drivers permit in the area.

Our instructors are committed, patient and knowledgeable. To help you pass your driving test in the first go, here is a list of driving tips for you

1.     Be patient

Patience is crucial when it comes to making decisions on the road. For starters if you are being tailgated, do not try to speed up your vehicle, rather it is better to keep your pace and let them pass by. When it comes to turning onto another road patiently observe whether you are in the blind spot of another car and if it is safe to turn. During your preparation, you will be taught by our instructors to be patient and take considerable decisions in order to clear your driver’s test in Edmonton.

2.     No cell phones

Cell phones are one of the top causes of accidents and loss of focus on the roads. Onsdrivingschool provides the best driving lessons in Edmonton, which focus on educating the students regarding the use of cell phones during driving. For starters, studies show using a cell phone while driving reduces the focus of a sober driver to that of a drunken one. Even reading or typing texts are studied to disturb focus for almost 4.6 seconds when driving. On the road, even seconds have an impact on your own safety as well as that of others driving by.

3.     Safety first

What makes us the best driving school in Edmonton is our emphasis on the safety of the trainee as well as every other vehicle on the road. We cover each and every aspect that affects the overall safety of you and your car on the road. Our lectures emphasize due diligence, the importance of following the speed limits, the need to turn on your headlights when you drive as well as using a car that is safe for you. It is best to get a car that offers significant safety features as opposed to style and cylinder power. Choose a car that has features such as electronic stability, complete control, airbags and anti-lock braking system.

4.     Learn defensive driving

The best technique to help you ace the driver’s test Edmonton is to acquire lessons in defensive training. At our driving school, our instructors offer a series of lectures that provide sufficient training both online and on the road to help you attain command over defensive driving. Defensive driving allows you to observe your surroundings and make on-road decisions based on your judgment and perceptions. You will find that during the training hours, our instructors are trained to listen to their students. This allows us to understand how you perceive a real-life situation and what course of action you will be taking when on the road. Our instructors take a cue from your thought process and guide you in the right direction.

Driving School in Edmonton


When it comes to driving we have to take thorough training about it. Where driving is concerned we will have to make sure that we are taking the proper training before we are ready to hit the road. There is fine line of difference between taking training or rather learning something and knowing something. When we have a car in the house it is quite obvious that we will know the basic rule to start, drive and park a car. However, that is not enough. We will have to understand that there are many things that we will have to follow many things while we are on the road. We can get the best of the driving training experience if we are ready to learn about the rules and regulations of the driving training.

Therefore, it is important to take training from the best Driving school in Edmonton. There are many driving schools but best are the ones that can make sure that we are learning the rules and regulations that are concerned with the driving training. We need to get the proper help from the experts who can help us to be a confident and good driver on the road. We will have to understand that there are many types of people in the world; all do not have the same pace to learn things. A good driving training school will help us to get the best training in the market.

Amenities of a Driving School in Edmonton


There are many driving school in Edmonton that are easily available but to get the best we will have to search a bit deeper and to make sure that we are getting the best training school we will have to push our boundaries. We need to first understand that there is a fine line of difference between the learning and knowing how to drive. When it comes to driving, knowing to drive is always not enough. We will have to take proper training and get the license so that we can hit the road with confidence. It is no wonder that if we have a car at home we will know how to drive but we will have to take training and get prepared to face the road full of risk.

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