Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum requirement to get a certification program that will help to reduce insurance?

Minimum is 10 hours of driving and 15 hours of in class or online class. When the students successfully pass the course , we provide them a certificate on behalf of Alberta Government that helps to get a discount on insurance.

I have Class 5 GDL/Class 5 full license, can I only do in class to get the certification?

I didn't finish my online course within 3 months of getting the link for course. What should I do, If I am not able to log in?

I was not able to finish my driving that I started last year?

I finished my driving lessons but didn't finish my in class or online class?

Which course is recommended to someone with no experience?

Which course is recommended for someone with experience?

Why is online more expensive than in class?

What should I do with the insurance certificate?

Is this certificate valid in other provinces?

What is the minimum notice to reschedule the in class and driving lesson?

Is your school certified?

I dont have my own vehicle. Do I have to bring my own car for training?

Do you provide an actual driving test?

Can I ask for a specific instructor name for my training?

Can I change my instructor if things didn't work out?

How about if I don't like to be corrected in the presence of another student?

Is that certificate (code u) insurance reduction program helpful?

I finished my training 3 years ago, can I get my certificate?

I never received my certificate in mail?

I finished my training, when can I expect my certificate?

How soon I can start my driving course after registration with school?

What are the minimum hours I have to book for my driving schedule?

Can I do more than 2 hours in one session?

Can I bring my family member(child, parent) with me to sit in the back while I am learning?

Can I take a driving lesson with a picture of my license (I don't know where I put my original, or lost it)?

Can I request a female/male instructor?

Can the instructor use the phone during my driving lesson?

What is included in a 2 hour driving lesson?

What is the guarantee to get a certificate If I buy 10 hours of driving and 15 hours in class or online course?

I took theory and driving from your school, but didn't pass the course, after that I took more hours with another school or took more training with my family/friends, now I pass my road test and need my certificate to get a discount on insurance?

Can I book my driving schedule online?

Can I be picked up from different locations every time. Can you pick up from school/work and drop off at my home address after the lesson?

Can I be picked up for driving lessons and in class both?

Can I get training in my car, or can I request a particular vehicle for training because my family has that kind of vehicle, it will be easy for me to practice later?

Will l be getting a different driving instructor everytime?

Is the car for the road test free?

If I don't use the car for a road test, can I get my money back for that?

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