Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy

Terms & Conditions:

  • Student must achieve 80% in-class and 75% in driving to get a certificate. If students fail to achieve the 75% in a registered course, a minimum of 2hrs is required to accomplish the 75% depending on the instructor's recommendation.
  • Minimum requirement is 10 hrs of driving and 15 hrs in-class/online if you need the certificate for insurance and have class 7/class 5 GDL license.
  • Pick up and Drop off location will be the same as mentioned in registration.
  • Change in location should be discussed with the driving instructor prior to scheduling lessons.
  • Minimum 48hrs notice is required to cancel a driving lesson, failing to do will be charged $50.
  • Students should bring proof of payment (screenshot/print) when coming for in-class on the weekend.
  • Feedback will be provided within the timeframe of the driving lesson.
  • Road training is provided in driving school vehicles only. The instructor may stop the vehicle to use the washroom.
  • Vehicle for the road test is not included in the package unless it is 20 hrs of driving and in-class/online package.
  • Student must finish driving within 6 months from the registration. It can still be finished within 2 years with a penalty of $100.
  • The 15hrs theory course online/in-class should be completed within three months of registration. It can still be finished after three months up to two years with a penalty of $50 for in-class and $100 for online.
  • If a student finishes part 1 of the theory portion and wants to switch to online, they will be charged $75.
  • According to Alberta transportation standards policy, schools keep student records for only two years. School is not responsible for records after 2 years.
  • If a student starts an online course and wants to change to in-class, they will be charged $50.
  • For Duplicate certificate $50 will be charged. It will not be possible to retrieve the certificate after 2 years of course completion.
  • Free car for road test is only with 20 hours driving and 15 hours in class/ online course only. Depends on instructor availability* (conditions apply).
  • Student should advise the instructor in advance to use the car where and what time the road test is booked. Car availability (all depends on Instructor’s availability and area covered by instructor). If student failed to use the car because of car unavailability. There will be no cash rebate for that.
  • Any traffic violations during the road test ACCURED BECAUSE OF STUDENT WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE TO PAY IT.

Refund Policy:

  • $50/hour will be charged. Remaining amount will be returned.
  • $75 will be deducted if in-class/online training got started or completed.
  • $50 Administration charges will be deducted.
  • Full course should be completed within 6month of registration. No Refunds will be made after that time.

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