Solutions to Texting and Driving for New Drivers


If you are a new driver, there is a 60% chance that you are in your teens, learning to drive for the first time. Most teens and new drivers view driving as a means to their freedom, which is in fact is. But as you enroll in driving lessons, you will realize that there is a number of guidelines set down by your instructor. These guidelines include, “prohibiting” the use of cellphones while driving.

While this adheres strictly to the rules of driving, yet there are ways you can find a balance by training with the best driving instructor in Edmonton. Onsdriving is one of the top driving schools in Edmonton and as such our instructors are highly trained and skilled teachers. They have the relevant knowledge required to help you get your driver’s permit and to do so responsibly.

What makes us the best driving school in Edmonton is the structure of our classes and the aspects covered by our curriculum. Our instructors have numerous years of teaching experience, which has led to their students preparing for the driver's test Edmonton under expert guidance.

At ondrivingschool, we understand that times have changed and while most students try their best to stay away from a cell phone when they drive, most get sucked into the loop of constant texts that keep beeping on their screens. Texting and using cellphones is never a good idea even for the most experienced of drivers, but as our institute is the best driving school Edmonton we understand the situation and have just the solutions you are looking for

1.     Put your phone on silent

As a new driver, you are tuned to pay more attention to your habit; i.e. the cellphone and may not understand the difference a few seconds can make when you are driving on the road. Putting your phone on silent is one of the best ways to avoid any temptation that may arise due to your phone ringing. Since you will be learning with the best driving instructor in Edmonton,you will learn how tofocus on the road completely while preparing for the driving test Edmonton.

2.     Passwords can help

Passwords are another excellent way to remind you that texting is not such a great idea when you are driving. Whilst you can hear your phone ringing and subsequent notifications, you will be mindful of check texts or text back whenyou have to input a complete password. You can start implementing this while you train for your driver'stest inEdmonton to ensure that you do not get distracted from the road. Try and keep a password which uses a few unconventional numbers or symbols to ensure you are unable to immediately unlock your phone, mindlessly.

3.     Keep it away from you

If your handbag is a bottomless pit, then it will do a great job of preventing you from reaching it. If not you can keep your cell phone in the glove compartment or the trunk of the car to ensure that you are not distracted from the road even for a few moments and you can easily check your notifications once you reach your destination.Since ondriving is the best driving school Edmonton, our instructors are trained to be patient with our students even when the sole purpose of a teens life is to text, our instructors focus on instilling a sense of responsibility along with guiding you in the right direction to develop road sense. Road sense can be considered one of the most essential qualities of a good driver as it helps prevent any mishaps even if you do get distracted from the road for a few seconds.

Solutions to Texting and Driving for New Drivers

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