Essential safe driving tips for teens

As a teenager, nothing compares to the feeling of driving your very first car for the first time. What’s better is acing your driver’s test and landing a license or a driver’s permit on your first try. That being said, a driver also bears a responsibility on his/her shoulders. The first time you leave your home on your own in your car, you become responsible for the decisions you make on the road and how well you follow the rules.

If you are a resident of Alberta or Edmonton, it is crucial that you prepare for the driving test in Edmonton. This preparation phase is extremely critical to your success on the driver’s test as well as your decisions on the road.

In order to train for what laysahead, it is imperative that you enroll in one of the top schools in Edmonton. In light of this if you are searching for the best driving school in Edmonton, look no further. Onsdrivingschool offers best driving lessons in Edmonton. These lessons are in compliance with the regulations and laws governing drivers permit in the area.

Our instructors are committed, patient and knowledgeable. To help you pass your driving test in the first go, here is a list of driving tips for you

1.     Be patient

Patience is crucial when it comes to making decisions on the road. For starters if you are being tailgated, do not try to speed up your vehicle, rather it is better to keep your pace and let them pass by. When it comes to turning onto another road patiently observe whether you are in the blind spot of another car and if it is safe to turn. During your preparation, you will be taught by our instructors to be patient and take considerable decisions in order to clear your driver’s test in Edmonton.

2.     No cell phones

Cell phones are one of the top causes of accidents and loss of focus on the roads. Onsdrivingschool provides the best driving lessons in Edmonton, which focus on educating the students regarding the use of cell phones during driving. For starters, studies show using a cell phone while driving reduces the focus of a sober driver to that of a drunken one. Even reading or typing texts are studied to disturb focus for almost 4.6 seconds when driving. On the road, even seconds have an impact on your own safety as well as that of others driving by.

3.     Safety first

What makes us the best driving school in Edmonton is our emphasis on the safety of the trainee as well as every other vehicle on the road. We cover each and every aspect that affects the overall safety of you and your car on the road. Our lectures emphasize due diligence, the importance of following the speed limits, the need to turn on your headlights when you drive as well as using a car that is safe for you. It is best to get a car that offers significant safety features as opposed to style and cylinder power. Choose a car that has features such as electronic stability, complete control, airbags and anti-lock braking system.

4.     Learn defensive driving

The best technique to help you ace the driver’s test Edmonton is to acquire lessons in defensive training. At our driving school, our instructors offer a series of lectures that provide sufficient training both online and on the road to help you attain command over defensive driving. Defensive driving allows you to observe your surroundings and make on-road decisions based on your judgment and perceptions. You will find that during the training hours, our instructors are trained to listen to their students. This allows us to understand how you perceive a real-life situation and what course of action you will be taking when on the road. Our instructors take a cue from your thought process and guide you in the right direction.

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