6 Hours Driving + 15 Hours Online


Our online course offerings provide a great way to learn about the driving basics, Alberta traffic laws and regulations, as well as the general maintenance tips. The online courses are best to prepare yourself at home and practice them to perfection.

We offer the Alberta Government Insurance reduction program with 15 in-class, and 6 Hours on the road, allowing user to become a safe and responsible driver. The idea behind this training is to make individuals understand the Basic of Traffic Laws, Parking Maneuvers, and getting familiar with the vehicle. It also includes the know how about Operating the Controls and Gauges, preparing your nerves and Driving through the adverse climatic and traffic conditions. Pickup – Drop-off is free with this program for 6 hours driving. The course assures a class 5 non GDL license.

Eligibility: Class 5 Full License


6 Hours Driving + 15 Hours Online

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