About Us

About Us

ONS Driving School is one of the leading driving school with best driving instructor team serving in the city of Edmonton. Our instructor’s prioritize and focus in developing as well as implementing proper road habits and skills for each student, so that they will become a safe and responsible driver. Getting a driver’s license id easy, but being a safe driver is quite difficult. Having a driving license means greater independence and freedom, however it also means great responsibility.

By looking at today’s increasing number of cars and traffic, the challenges are getting difficult day by day. Therefore, it is important that you need to drive safely becoming a responsible civilian of the society. Thus, at ONS Driving School, we understand today’s traffic and the importance of driving safely and fulfill all your requirements to battle those challenges in a right manner.

At ONS Driving School, our main objective is to train drivers who are safe and confident. All of our training programs teach defensive driving skills. Our driving lessons lay emphasis on the importance of perception, observation, developing and implementing of selective seeing habits and skills while driving. All of our driving instructors are caring, patient and professional. They will work with you (private one-on-one) in the car to build, develop and maintain vital defensive driving skills and habits. The goal is to drive defensively!

If you have never driven before or perhaps you lack confidence on the road, or preparing for the road test, or failed the road test, then don’t worry ONS Driving School will deliver premium quality services and meets all your needs. Unlike most other driving schools, ONS Driving School offers a complete package designed to help you through every aspect of the learning to drive process. We also offer FREE pick up and drop off anywhere in the city. Now, there is no need to waste time in traffic rather book your slot and we will send our drivers to pick you up from your concerned location.

We have a team of passionate and dedicated professionals who are always committed towards delivering the high quality instruction, equipment, facilities and memorable experiences. Their unique way of teaching will help you learn the basic knack for driving safely and with confidence in only few lessons. We specialize in safe and defensive driver’s education programs for teens and adults. Our staff and instructors are truly the best in the city of Edmonton.


What’s under the hood?

Instruments And Controls:

Our Driving instructors will help you learn how to use all the instruments and controls of the car, adjusting seat, mirrors side and rear-view, etc..

The Traffic Law:

Now, gain confidence by reading and learning all the signs and line markings, the right -of-way, who gets to go first, what dictates your speed limit- road, traffic and weather condition. We will also teach you what to do when a emergency vehicle approaches.

Maneuvering Your Car Safely:

We will be teaching you all the necessary skills to be a defensive driver, hand-over-hand steering, viewing the total traffic picture, leaving a safe space cushion, Reversing properly, scanning the intersections, stopping, yielding, the right way to cornering, road positioning, the right way to turn right and left, safe speed, brake and accelerator pedal controls.

City Driving:

Our Expert Driving Instructors Will Be Teaching You Some Good Habits Of:

  • Signal-mirror-shoulder checking
  • Speed control, proper seeing habits
  • looking up to read the road ahead
  • the cautions when driving in residential areas
  • watching for pedestrians, playground and school zones
  • traffic light intersections
  • the safe and confident way to changing lanes
  • the proper way of entering and exiting traffic circle
  • one-way and two-way streets
  • confidence to drive in high volume traffic
  • smooth acceleration without riding on the brake

Highway Driving:

Driving on a highway between the speeding vehicles is not an easy task. But, we promise to make you skilled at it by making you learn about how to Use of safe follow-up distance, multi-lane driving in high speed, viewing the total traffic picture, smooth and safe lane changing at high speed, looking up way ahead of the highway, confidence to blend in with traffic while merging, road positioning,knowing the added-flow lane and the proper way to exiting the highway.


Parking your car safely and to the right place is also added to somewhere in the adept driving. We will help you to gain the proper skills and confidence to park in parking lot stalls. In addition to this, we will also teach you the proper angle and perpendicular parking, the right and safe way to park on hills. Plus, the confidence and smoothness to park along a curb and to have the confidence to do reverse parallel parking behind cars and in between two cars.

Night Driving And Driving In Adverse Conditions:

Driving at night is risky, if you are not a skilled driver. So, you need to be expert at it by knowing all the rules and guidelines to follow while driving at night. Most of the times, you will experience driving at night and in hazardous conditions (if there’s one at that time of your driving lesson!), what speed to drive at, how’s visibility and adjust speed accordingly, how big of a space to leave behind following vehicles, how’s traction on the road and adjust speed accordingly all; by our trained instructors.

Our driving lessons are based on your learning. As per your progress, your instructor will take you to the next skill level. We will not jeopardize you with a lot of information or skills at one time. We will keep the flow by watching your progress level. Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses, and therefore your instructor will focus on turning your weaknesses into strengths. Remember, our main goal is to teach you to become a safe defensive and responsible driver! Get in touch with us for any query. We offer 24*7 customer care support and quality service by our trained professionals.

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