ONS Driving School Edmonton

The ONS Driving School was started by Mr. Pardeep Kumar in Edmonton, Alberta. The company’s main objective is to train student drivers who wish to learn safe and confident driving. We offer driving programs for all ages and various experience levels. We have good cars to drive, experienced, licensed instructors with good driving skills. We are one of the reputed driver training schools in the Edmonton area—call us today!

If you are residing in Edmonton and looking for the best driving school, then look no further than ONS Driving School. We are devoted towards providing comprehensive, superior driving education for both adults as well as teens. Our main vision is to save lives and prevent heartaches and headaches by imparting supreme coaching in safe motoring. If you are still confused, we have some amazing reasons that why you should join driving school in Edmonton.

Why you should join Driving School?

• Increasing number of vehicles day by day
• Lack of professionalism in driving
• Untrained drivers on road

ONS Driving School provides one of the best driving classes in Edmonton that offers excellent behind-the-wheel instructions which provide practical driving experiences. We not just impart better driving skills, but also teach to inculcate safe driving culture through special classes by teaching about behavioral training and road sense.

Being a widely sought after driving school in Canada, our team of expert drivers teaches while giving attention to every detail to offer you a great driving experience. We provide quality classroom sessions along with on-road driving lessons throughout the City of Edmonton.

We teach by explaining:

• Which attempts you are taking wrong?

• What type of mistakes you are making?

• What actions are needed to avoid repeating the mistakes in future?

We have the proficiency and the tolerance that is required to train a novice/ experienced driving student to become a confident and safe driver. With passionate and dedicated professionals, no other Edmonton driving school delivers the same high quality instructions, facilities, flexibility and memorable experience for a lifetime.

So, when are you going to enroll yourself into one of the reputed driving schools in Edmonton? Call us now and we can get you started as soon as possible. Now, it’s time for you to take the controls. To get your preferred days and times, please schedule well in advance.

Program & Prices

Class 5 GDL insurance reduction program
15hrs in class
10 hrs driving
Basic +(Value Pack) Class 5 GDL Insurance Reduction program
15hrs in class
14 hrs driving
Basic+Supreme (Value Pack) Class 5 GDL Insurance Reduction Program
15hrs in class
20 hrs driving
Class 5 NON GDL Insurance Reduction Program
15hrs in class
6 hrs in car

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